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Additional Reviews for Edmonton Tower Chiropractic

  • Very positive first visit. I’m excited about getting started with the treatment and seeing improvements.
    - Gerry S.
  • Felt comfortable and heard by the staff and the physician. What he said made so much sense. I’m looking forward to future visits and to progress in my therapy.
    -Danielle B.
  • Dr Niz was excellent in explaining everything. I like that he wants to solve the issues that cause me pain. I feel that I am on the right road to recovery of being pain free. Thank You!
    -Lori G.
  • I feel confident and less frustrated with my condition after visiting your clinic. Dr. Niz seems so professional.
    -Kevin M.
  • I was treated so well. The Dr and the staff are all very gentle.
    -Shanaz J.
  • Thank you! I finally know that I will feel better soon!
    -Audrey A.
  • Very impressed on just my first visit and I look forward to the benefits I believe Dr Niz will bring to my overall well being.
    -Marley B.
  • I am so blessed to have found you.
    -Martha S.
  • Since coming to Edmonton Tower Chiropractic, my back pain has eased considerably. Dr. Niz and Fleur are very courteous and I feel welcome here. I like Dr. Niz’s approach to holistic medicine and his many tips to better health. I shall continue coming because I trust Dr. Niz and his advice.
    -Steve C.

As a result of his treatment plan, my progress has been exceptional!

I had undergone a major abdominal separation surgery repair over 2 years ago and was still feeling a significant amount of pain, which in turn resulted in extremely poor posture. I had tried numerous other steps such as other chiropractors, massage therapy and physiotherapy, none of which helped me much.

Then I found Dr. Niz at Edmonton Tower Chiropractic, as a result of his treatment plan, my progress has been exceptional! I’m walking a lot straighter, and I am able to hold correct posture throughout the day. I would highly recommend Dr. Niz, don’t hurt yourself by living with your pain and discomfort, just try it!!

Shawn D.

As a result of my treatments, I am no longer suffering!

I have a spinal injury (C5 and C6 are fused), which caused me to temporarily experience paralysis in my arm. I had also frequently experienced very bad migraines which caused me to feel sick to my stomach and miss work. I had tried acupuncture, but found the benefits wore off quickly, and since my previous chiropractor retired, I was hesitant to try and find another one.

I was listening to the radio one day and heard Dr. Niz's radio segment and decided to try him out. Dr. Niz was very good at listening to me and explaining my condition and treatment plan and I didn't feel pressured at all as I have with past chiropractors.

As a result of my treatments, I am no longer suffering! I would highly recommend Dr. Niz to everyone. He does a great job of communicating cause and effect, as well as how treatment works. His staff are very nice and always happy to help.

Daniel G.

I cannot thank them enough!

I’ve been going there for back and hip pain. I liked that Dr. Niz fully explains what’s going on with your body. I ran 5km for the first time in over 2 months without an ounce of pain because I’ve been going there and following their instructions. I cannot thank them enough!

His staff are warm, welcoming, and remember your name. You actually get personalized service. A real treat. ALSO, they just got a great massage therapist in. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jessica M.

My shooting pains have stopped and I am now walking without having to limp.

I started to suddenly experience extreme shooting pains down my leg. It was happening frequently throughout the day and was so bad that it would stop me in my tracks. I tried taking Advil, but it didn't help much.

I contacted Dr. Niz at Edmonton Tower Chiropractic for an appointment. Dr. Niz sent me for x-rays, and discovered that I had a disc issue. He suggested that I undergo a disc compression treatment plan along with regular adjustment and a series of stretches.

I noticed an improvement very quickly!!! My shooting pains have since stopped and I am now walking without having to limp.

I am so grateful to Dr. Niz and would encourage everyone to seek out his advice. He is caring, knowledgeable and very talented at what he does. His staff are very friendly. I have seen other chiropractors before, but I truly feel that Dr. Niz is the best!

Nathan H.

I no longer have to miss work or take narcotics for back pain to cope with my day.

I was experiencing extreme stiffness and discomfort in my lower back that I tolerated for many years, but eventually the pain in my back had become excruciating. It got to the point where I wasn’t able to get out of bed for a few days every month. I tried over-the-counter medications which didn’t work, massage therapy which only helped to alleviate my pain temporarily, and narcotics prescribed by my doctor which only masked my symptoms.

I was walking past Edmonton Tower Chiropractic on my way to work and decided to give it a try as nothing else was working. Dr. Niz sent me for x-rays, and based on my results put me on a treatment plan for my back which consisted of stretches, posture training and regular adjustments.

Although I still experience some discomfort in my lower back, it has become much less severe and frequent! I no longer have to miss work or take narcotics for back pain to cope with my day. I feel stronger, and more relaxed. I was always worried about seeking chiropractic care due to horror stories I had heard about chiropractic, but Dr. Niz’s treatments are effective and not intimidating at all, he puts me at ease.

Tanya B.

Don't wait until you feel pain to see Dr. Niz!

I was working in an office at a desk position sitting a lot throughout the day, which caused inflammation in my lower back. I had booked a few massage appointments but knew it would take more than massage to help me correct my posture problem.

I decided to try chiropractic care, and was seeing another chiropractor but switched over to Dr. Niz. I was very happy with Dr. Niz's recommendations and explanation of my situation as not only did he do a much more thorough exam, he also provided me stretching recommendations and posture retraining exercises.

As a result of following Dr. Niz's treatment plan, I would say my health has improved a great deal. While I was seeing Dr. Niz, I was in a car accident, and I strongly feel that my quick recovery was in part due to the regular treatments I was receiving before my accident, as well as after.

Don't wait until you feel pain to see Dr. Niz, be proactive, the sooner you see him and start correcting the small issues you may not know you have, the better you will feel!

Richard F.


Additional Reviews for Edmonton Tower Chiropractic | (780) 422-1087